Switching to fibre?

With more than 75% of New Zealand homes and businesses

now having access to the fibre network, copper networks are slowly leaving the mainstream telecommunications market.

Over the next couple of years, New Zealand’s telecommunications industry will be looking to retire parts of the copper network in high density areas where fibre’s available. For those affected by the switch to fibre or are wanting to make that change, please be aware that by choosing to switch from the copper network to fibre, your previously installed security alarm systems will be affected.

Upgrading to Fibre broadband means your previously installed alarm system will stop communicating via your phone line and disconnect completely – But don’t panic! IP or GPRS options are available at Recon.

A security alarm monitoring system will improve the security and safety of your property by ensuring swift notification of security breaches to either yourself, the police / fire service, or our licensed, alarm response team, who can investigate and take any required action.

Traditional security alarms are connected to the monitoring centre via your land line and offer a reliable and cost effective solution in most instances. The latest technology in alarms is IP (Internet Protocol) monitoring, which allows the detection device to automatically and immediately report events to our 24/7 manned control centre.

There are also options for cellular phone and GPRS systems. Read more about alarm systems or for an installation consultation, please get in touch with Recon’s Senior Sales Advisor, Peter Jones at peterj@recon.co.nz.