The Best Alarm Monitoring in the Region

We prefer to have Recon with their own technicians because if there’s a problem we can just contact them direct and they’re straight into it. We don’t have to worry about servicing, the servicing is done and they know that there’s a problem before we do, which is great.

They have their own roving guards, so it means that if there is an activation here, then they can just send a guard locally straight here. We can rely on Recon just to be able to ring up the guard or send a message to their guard and they’re here. Means we can lock it and forget it.

I believe for the stress relief that we have, in regards to the worry free monitoring, I think it’s well worth the money that’s paid and the people they have on their monitoring site, know what they’re doing, they talk to you like they’ve known you for 15-20 years and they know exactly who you are and what you’re needs are, it’s done. It’s simple, it’s easy, there’s just no stress, it’s all sorted.