What Make Recon Security Stand Out

While it’s great to be up to your ears in security equipment, it’s not great to have lousy security staff. Recon has managed to tackle that issue and to hire the most professional staff for your security needs. Recon makes it a goal to hire staff who are not only physically and mentally fit, but also have a genuine interest in keeping your assets protected. These staff are trained to utilize state of the art security guard tools such as iTrack, iGuard, and iRoster to keep you up to date on what’s going on while you’re not around.

Recon’s communication has gotten more than a few positive feedbacks from customers but you may be wondering, what exactly makes them good communicators? Why is it so great?

Recon’s goal when hiring staff is to make them feel valued and this goal has a ripple effect which leaves staff happy to help and happy to work. Whether it’s getting your security system upgraded or serviced or speaking with a trained professional during a time of emergency, you can count on getting the best communication and help.

Recon’s success with such professional staff can be partially accredited to the fact that their staff are paid fair wages and treated like the professionals they are. They work studiously to not only train their staff but to treat them like the valued professionals that they are and ensure a sense of value in the work that they do. Too often, security companies try to scrimp any penny they can and offer low wages and minimal training which leads to poor customer service, unfit guards and constantly having a technician come out twice a week because the issue wasn’t resolved the first time. Recon has managed to eliminate all of those hassles and get it right the first time, every time, and in minimal time.