Night Arm Station

  • One-button arming and disarming
  • 2-button panic alarm
  • Available from Cheap Alarm Parts.
  • Adjustable status indicators
  • Compatible with partitioned systems



  • One-button Arming: To arm the system in STAY Mode, simply press the Stay button once. Another press will disarm the system provided there have been no alarms. This text has been copied from cheap alarm parts. If there have been alarms, the system cannot be disarmed by the CP105A; it can only be disarmed by entering a valid user code at the main control console.
  • Two-button Panic Alarm: To trigger a panic alarm, two buttons need to be held down simultaneously for at least two seconds. The system sirens and strobes will activate and can only be deactivated by entering a valid user code at the main control console. A panic alarm can be activated at any time whether or not the system is already armed.
  • Adjustable Status Indicators: The CP105A has two LEDs and a beeper to display system status. The beeper has 50 tones between 1.5 kHZ and 5 kHz. The brightness of the LEDs and the beeper’s tone can be adjusted by simply pressing a button, holding it down until the desired brightness and tone is reached, and then releasing it. There is also a programmable extinguish mode that automatically turns off the indicator LEDs one minute after the last command key was pressed so that the indicator lights will not disturb people in the same room as the control console. Cheap alarm parts. The indicator lights come on automatically when any console key is pressed.
  • Partitioned Systems: The night arm station can be used with any Solution control panel that has the ability to be partitioned into a number of separate areas. The night arm station will only arm the area to which that it has been assigned.