Yes – most cameras have reasonably good vision at night time providing there is some ambient lighting within the IR range. There are also specialist low light cameras that will work well in total darkness.

Yes – pretty much all CCTV systems now have remote log in options that enables both live viewing or recorded footage access.

Using the latest technology, Recon installs tracking devices throughout your building which document when and where we’ve been. This information is passed on to the police in the event of a security breach.

Analogue camera systems use older technology and manufacturing of these systems has therefore reduced in recent times. Digital systems are comparable in price and also offer improved features with significantly better image quality.

Basic alarm monitoring via a landline costs about $1.00 a day. Compared to the cost of a burglary, unattended fire or malicious damage this is a relatively small cost. For alarm monitoring costs via GPRS, IP or Mobile, contact us for a competitive quote.

Recon Security targets a sub-10 minute response for clients. We are able to achieve this through having multiple vehicles on patrol every night, providing monitoring and response services in-house and using technology we have developed for rapid response.

The normal (PSTN) phone network is the most common and reliable. Having a cellular connection, as long as there is network coverage is also reliable but relies on a sim card. Using the internet is the cheapest, but relies on your router and broadband connection being available 24 hours a day.

Yes, Recon have offices in Auckland and Wellington but also provide services in all the main cities and towns.

Yes, Recon Security are a licensed PI’ company. We employee ex Police and 2 senior staff are licensed by the Ministry of Justice as Private Investigators.

Paying staff a fair wage is important to us and paying the living wage is our preference.

Recon Security is currently the only security company in New Zealand to pay its employees the Living Wage (where contracts support it).

For more information on our commitment to paying staff a fair wage, click here.